The Living Room Sessions

by Tigers On Trains

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These songs were recorded with Ace Enders (The Early November, I Can Make A Mess) at The Living Room Recording Studio in Hammonton, NJ in December of 2012.

Artwork by Nicole Zinerco


released January 27, 2014

Songs written and performed by Mason Maggio and Christian Van Deurs (Tigers On Trains)

Engineered, Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Ace Enders

Additional guest vocals by Billy Duprey



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Tigers On Trains

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Track Name: Scrapwood
This old age
It feels like I'm pulling my weight through a Michigan lake
And I never thought you'd be waiting there when I got caught
I just hoped we might be citizens of the same thought

The whole truth
It looks like a hundred hard lies getting fitted for suits
And if it doesn't kill your appetite, I don't know what will
It's a sugar cane plantation, it's a landfill
And it's so far

Closed eyes
Like the kids who address their songs to Jesus Christ
Well I can't be quite so forward
Not when I'm looking back
Who am I to think I've ever been inspired?

Please don't start
I feel like scrapwood tied to the top of your car
I just hope you put me to good use when you get home
But are there any noble causes left?
I don't believe so

Please don't collect your things just yet
When we're missing God we deify
What we don't have the heart to throw away
Please don't believe me when I'm
Swearing up and down on every verse
I'm just a wreck and that's alright

The whole truth
It sounds like a hundred hard lies getting fitted for suits
And if it doesn't kill your appetite, I don't know what will
I'm a walking contradiction
When I stand still

And I'm dead freight
Look like I've been lost for months in the Creole State
And when I wrack my brain for adjectives
All I get is scared

And it's beautifully confusing
Oh and it's everywhere
Track Name: Foundations
There's a creek somewhere that held him close
That curls up now in dry repose
We went back with rakes to clear the holes
So you couldn't tell that earth was old

Now he's stuck on the fourteenth floor and it's true
It's a messy divorce, but it's what people do
Give a face to a thought and hope it don't change
But it's not so easy to keep up that pace

But it's all I have done
Was I wrong enough to be without your love?
And I'm spread all around
Wasn't bright enough to fall within those bounds

There's a fence we build with shallow roots
That grow downward in a dark commute
And knocking it down seems easy enough
But the posts take a beating, and never come up

Foundations find their home
Far away from all the hate from which they'd grown
And we still feel it drag us down
And apart from what we'd thought was common ground

There's an awful range of honest lines
That never made it past your mind
Were we always stuck beneath that grate
With the words we couldn't conjugate?

And the running count of my mistakes
Is laughing at all the corrections I make
Been trying to settle a debt in my heart
But it isn't so easy to play that part

But it's all we could tell
Weren't sure enough to live without ourselves